What Are The Best AI Reporting Tools?

What Are The Best AI Reporting Tools?

AI Reporting Tools associates with data sources, assemble data and give bits of knowledge as diagrams and graphs in light of the information so the client can track down valuable data.

This application ordinarily arrives in a business intelligence suite. The reporting tools help in the emotional cycle. Actual experiences will give you more excellent permeability over information.

Reporting tools engagingly present the information. These tools make data more decipherable, helpful, and respectable by attractively addressing the data.


Made in 2002, ProWorkflow was planned as a project management solution that upheld analytics and reporting needs. When you sign in to this tool, you quickly see an easy-to-use dashboard showing a graphical outline of your current details for dynamic, finished, and impending work.

Standard reports give definite data on responsibility and execution and your projects, tasks, time, and financial data. Custom reports let you assemble your report, select the channels and information you want, and even offer the report to your team.

Outwardly, the detailing screens and downloads are somewhat disappointing. The information is solid and straightforward to peruse but assuming you are searching for some additional pizzaz; you could have to convey some manual graphic design intervention.

Key features you can take advantage of include: asset covers staff and time, responsibility breakdown reports, time rundown reports, individual project reports, general project reports, task reports, and the capacity to send reports to different arrangements.

ProWorkflow coordinates with instruments like Xero, Quickbooks, KashFlow, FreshBooks, MYOB AccountRight, Box Storage, DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and hundreds more through Zapier.


A hive is a robust tool for project management, reporting, and adaptable task coordination. By utilizing AI and ML, Hive Analytics gives intelligent dashboards to acquire significant bits of knowledge in group efficiency and proactively spot gambles. Oversee group usage across specific tasks or clients by precisely designating current and future assets per real-time data.

Reporting tools likewise estimate and track time spent on projects for exact asset assignment, client charging, and future project arranging. Record time spent on specific activities or tasks by finishing up timesheets straightforwardly in Hive. Access timesheet reports that make it simple so that your group might be able to understand the situation.

It’s pretty significant that assuming you’re changing to Hive from another tool, you can import information from tools including Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Smartsheet, and a couple of others.

Hive coordinates with Google Drive, Salesforce, Jira, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, One Drive, Box, and more than 1,000 different tools through Zapier.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free tool that empowers you to change over information into thorough reports and dashboards. You can utilize Google Data Studio to pull information from different sources like calculation sheets, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. Google Data Studio’s dashboards are shareable and can engage colleagues by permitting them admittance to data essential to independent directors.

Google Data Studio is a free reporting tool with an easy-to-use connection point that is not difficult to utilize, regardless of whether you have experience with data analytics. It accompanies valuable elements like pre-constructed information connectors, information representation, and determining measurements. It permits you to add custom channels, guaranteeing you can introduce information as you plan.

Google Data Studio promptly incorporates Google Ads, Google BigQuery, YouTube, and MySQL, unlike other free announcing devices requiring API alterations to coordinate with different systems.

Power BI for Office 365

Power BI is a cloud-based setup of analytics and reporting tools you can get with Office 365 Enterprise. It likewise has a portable application variant. You can utilize its analytics element to dig profound and find designs in your information that you can use to concoct significant experiences. Power BI lets you get information from cloud-based sources like SharePoint, Salesforce, and Azure SQL DB.

Power BI is a great reporting tool for scaling associations because — rather than paying for every client premise — you can spend on each limited premise, so you’re charged with the power your business needs. You can utilize Power BI to make reports with intuitive information perceptions that make data more apparent. It has subjects, organizing, and format devices you can use to think of customized reports.

Moreover, you can utilize Power BI to make versatile, streamlined reports that are visible on smart devices.


Tableau is a visual analytics stage for exploring, understanding, and overseeing business information. It utilizes a simplified technique to make reports using accessible information perceptions and widgets. Tableau employs intuitive information representations so you can make outwardly convincing reports that watchers can snap to explore.

Assuming you want to construct robust dashboards rapidly, Tableau is the best-detailing tool for you due to its inserted analytics highlights. The installed analytics are adaptable through an API, so you can embed information assortment and detailing usefulness into your prior work process. This can likewise assist you with customizing your clients’ information experience.

Tableau incorporates other business tools, including Google Cloud, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Sheets, Hive, and SAP.


ThoughSpot is a developer-friendly platform that permits clients to make custom information applications to incorporate with their current cloud framework. The product allows clients to share outlines, dashboards, and information models with groups and people inside and beyond their organization.

ThoughtSpot is an incredible choice for fledglings who need a reporting tool since it uses artificial intelligence to help clients. It helps clients by spotting peculiarities and trends to save analysts time.

ThoughSpot has many underlying graphs with cutting-edge setups you can use to introduce your information, such that it recounts a story. ThoughtSpot has an intuitive component so you can orchestrate, modify, and pin graphs and tables without any problem. ThoughtSpot sends constant alarms and notices on email or when it recognizes changes in key measurements that might require human mediation.


Octoboard is self-administration programming to assist you with observing business information like KPIs, financial information, and project status. It has a white-naming element to redo answers as indicated by organization marking. Octoboard has more than 300 pre-constructed report formats you can browse. It is not difficult to set up, making it an incredible choice for organizations or new companies without a devoted IT group.

Octoboard is a fantastic choice assuming you’re searching for AI reporting tools for automated detailing. It naturally refreshes, gathers pictures, and updates information in the cloud and workstations to guarantee you’re dealing with refreshed data. It automates PPC, SEO, and social analytics reports. 

Octoboard coordinates with other business apparatuses like Constant Contact, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Pages, Zendesk, and QuickBooks.


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