Understanding AI and Software as a Service platforms

Understanding AI and Software as a Service platforms

Why Salesforce CRM is the Future of Sales

All budding or established businesses cannot build brand trust and loyalty without creating a predetermined sales process, otherwise also known as a sales cycle. A sales process is a set of steps businesses follow to convert potential leads into paying customers. The end-to-end sales process involves a series of steps, generally beginning with creating an ideal customer profile to the point of initial contact with a lead, which results in the product’s final sale.

Since the conversion of leads into customers is repetitive, the sales team within a business must have a uniform approach as it increases the likelihood of closing deals promptly. Since the sales and marketing process has the power to make or break a company’s revenue, many companies have started utilizing different technologies like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to sufficiently understand the customer needs and provide fast, efficient and consistent services as and when required. This article breaks down all you need to know about CRM and why Salesforce CRM is the best in the industry today. 

What is CRM software?

In layman’s terms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software stores a customer’s primary contact information like their names, addresses, and phone numbers to manage and keep track of the customer’s web activity like website visits, phone calls, emails, etc. These CRMs can be hosted and are available for use online or on-site.

Why use CRM software?

Many businesses have chosen to use CRM software to align the sales processes with the right technology and systems and track their customers’ online activity. This software can also help businesses by providing insights and recommendations, streamlining the sales pipeline, and managing deals to aid the sales team in meeting the company’s requirements. 

How many different kinds of CRM software are available?

There are different kinds of CRM software available in the market, and they are collaborative, analytical, and operational. 

What is the best CRM software in 2022?

Since there are so many options available in the market, we have researched and found that Salesforce CRM is the best and can help businesses, big and small, thrive. 

Why choose Salesforce CRM?

Although countless CRM software is available today, we believe that Salesforce CRM is the best as the organization offers various categories and systems to meet client needs. Catering to over 150,000 customers across the globe, Salesforce provides the following at a flexible cost, depending on business size:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • Data Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • App Cloud
  • Internet of Things

What are the advantages of using Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM does more than help strengthen the relationship between a business and its clients. It also helps companies grow their revenue by tracking the sales activity, insights, and recommendations and allows one to make almost instantaneous decisions from any corner of the globe because of its fully cloud-based model. Bonus? Salesforce offers its customers a pay-as-you-go model and allows its customers to tailor the Sales Cloud to suit their business requirements.

What are the other services provided by Salesforce?

Salesforce provides a variety of trailblazing services to its customers at affordable rates, one of which is its AI-powered research agent, Einstein Relationship Insights, which can identify and build new business connections based on user behavior and interests and allows one to use AI without needing an AI developer or data scientists. 

Einstein AI also helps businesses understand the customer wants, which results in the purchase of the product and thus increases the revenue. Unlike other standardized tools, the Einstein Relationship Insights can be added to any existing Salesforce platform. 

How can Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights help your business thrive?

Salesforce AI-powered Einstein Relationship Insights platform provides admins and developers with varied services, thereby allowing them to build apps and create and customize AI for their growing businesses. 

Users can also predict business outcomes through this platform, tap into the power of image recognition in the apps to identify your brand and products, and build, train, and deploy bots to augment business processes. This powerful tool can also scan through a text to find and identify the underlying intent or sentiment to gauge what is essential to a customer and what they would require in a product for them to purchase. 


With its ever-increasing market potential, Salesforce CRM has helped many businesses garner significant profits over the last couple of years. This platform and its suite of tools will enable countless sales teams and service providers to cater to the growing needs of its clients and deliver personalized experiences by taking into account the client insights and recommendations available to them on the go resulting in a transformed global workforce.


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