What Are The Biggest Computer Vision Trends Of 2022?

What Are The Biggest Computer Vision Trends Of 2022?

The COVID-19 pandemic initially restricted businesses and industries, but each sector soon turned toward a new digital path. Since then, technology has advanced quickly and will continue to do so in the future. 

However, the development of technologies like computer vision trends has significantly impacted businesses and opened up new avenues for opportunity. We now have significant players in the new digital world, such as AI & ML, Computer Vision, etc., particularly during this transition, when the world is recovering from the sudden break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Exactly is Computer Vision?

One of the most intriguing uses of artificial intelligence is computer vision, also known as machine vision. Many innovations, including autonomous, self-driving cars, smart industrial machinery, and even the Instagram filters on your phone, rely heavily on algorithms that can decipher images, both still photos and moving video. Upload pictures for a prettier look.

In other words, computer vision is simply using AI to read, comprehend, and extract meaningful information from any visual representation (image, video, or any other form). Apart from how precisely they carry out their actions, it resembles humans in most respects. Currently, a variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, etc.

What is computer vision in AI?

One of the most potent and effective categories of AI is computer vision. It focuses on simulating the intricate human visual system so that computers can recognize and classify objects in videos and images just like people do. It enables computers to perceive, comprehend, and act on information from the real world. In a nutshell, it automates and supplements human insights.

Businesses will be transformed by video intelligence or video analytics powered by computer vision to identify the video objects with bounding boxes. Additionally, it allows them to automate surveillance after risk is reduced, security is tightened, and operational effectiveness is increased.

What Are The Biggest Computer Vision Trends Of 2022?

The following are a few of the most prominent computer vision trends for the year 2022 and beyond:

Security and Safety

As everyone is aware, the pandemic had a negative impact on the economy as a whole, forcing many businesses to close their doors while some managed to survive. In this phase of recovery, companies are turning to AI to manage and monitor the security and safety of their workforce. This is done to stop any future outbursts of this nature.

In addition to this, you may find the newest security cameras in the market with the clever feature of determining whether the person is wearing a mask or not to maintain hygiene and safety. Today, many industries are using it as safety and security equipment because this pandemic forced us to change how we used to view the world and adapt to a new reality.

Data Annotation 

Computers also need to join dots of the audio or visual representation, which has become possible with the aid of Data Annotation. We process images or any visual representation by linking dots right from the retina, and it all connects with our brain to envision.

The market for data annotation will grow more in 2022 and for many more years because many industries such as healthcare and the automotive industry have already begun using it due to the new technologies that have been adopted.

Virtual Guidance 

We are currently transitioning to a new digital world due to technological advancement. Virtual guidance technology in robotics is presently used in many industries. 

Robotics requires visual guidance to see through it and carry out the desired action, just as human eyes have retinas that aid in obtaining vision. This technology is gaining popularity daily in the manufacturing sector and aids in keeping labor costs under control.

Other fascinating aspects of using virtual guidance include:

  • It can be used to set up fully automated processes that require little to no human interaction.
  • Many businesses are now using computer vision for inventory management.

3D Technology

You might be in awe of how far technology has advanced today, but there are now driverless cars on the road. Because of the Lidar technology in today’s iPhones, smooth, rich experiences like autopilot cars and live traffic integration are now possible. We also check it from Maps to learn more about it when we’re stuck in traffic.

Since 3D technology offers a new method of meticulous appearance and better-optimized performance, it has been popular for some time. We predict it won’t go out of style until the following decade.

Thermal Image Analysis 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused technology to start moving in new directions, which is why thermal imaging has gained popularity over the past few years and will continue to do so in 2022.

It creates image/video sequences with the aid of AI and recognizes any object that emits light, including people, animals, and vehicles. It is present in our world to overcome the limitations of 2D inspection and intelligence.

Supply Chain Management

You might not be shocked to learn that many things in our environment have changed and gotten more accessible for us today. Let’s talk about RFID tags, which are labeled below the supply chain management system and can be found in any superstore, and ERP systems used for resource planning in businesses.

Although they still require human eyes for monitoring, most parts are completed smoothly thanks to the accessibility of technology and the most recent trends that emerge each year. The advancement of AI is enabling this workflow to run more smoothly, and we anticipate further exciting developments in the field of computer vision.


Collecting a substantial amount of training data is facilitated by deep learning algorithms. Deep Learning in computer vision is much simpler and quicker to develop and implement than other machine learning methods. 

Deep learning is unquestionably used in modern computer vision applications like cancer detection, autonomous vehicles, and facial recognition. We owe gratitude to technology (cloud computing hardware and software) for making life more accessible than ever.


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