Top Artificial Intelligence Companies to Know

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies to Know

Artificial Intelligence is invading every industry, enabling doctors to perform innovative medical diagnoses, drive cars without drivers, and mimic human thinking and behavior. Artificial Intelligence can turn you distinct in the competitive market. With the world becoming more digitalized, it is time for organizations to incorporate AI technology to help them stand out from the rest. 

Here are the Top AI Companies to know about 

ONPASSIVE Technologies Pvt Ltd

ONPASSIVE is an Artificial Intelligence organization with autonomous AI products, which can significantly impact how education, accounting, customer relationship management, customer care, human resource management system, e-commerce, emails, graphic editing, etc., are performed.

O-Cademy is an online educational tool that helps teachers and students globally. Experience targeted suggestions, enhance the course searchability depending on the user requirements and improve your skills or earnings with O-Cademy.

The AI-enabled tool, O-Counting, automates the tedious tasks of managing inventory and bookkeeping. Also, it can handle massive datasets by avoiding manual errors. 

The AI-powered O-Desk is an enhanced marketing automation platform to build high-quality customer data and improve your brand presence in the market. O-Desk supports you in aligning marketing strategies with the existing market trends and turns you into an industry leader. 

Have effective conversations with O-Chat without less human intervention. O-Chat uses Natural Language Understanding to resolve complex queries in a simplified manner. Enjoy enhanced customer experience, minimize customer service costs, and improve the lead conversions with O-Chat

O-Staff is the latest HRMS tool developed to generate ultimately cost-effective HR solutions. It is an AI-powered HRMS suite that automates the HR processes quickly and effectively. It aims to reform how HR activities work.

O-Commerce is an AI-enabled e-commerce platform comprising top features such as fast delivery feedback space and variant options. The product enables creating your online store in three simple steps. The personalized dashboard lets you look at the live products for sale, products sold out, and product pricing. Also, the platform enables self-customized payment gateways and helps you execute transactions with various currencies. 

Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence was initiated in 2017 to develop highly advanced AI technologies across BOSCH products and services. The expertise fields include Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Neuro symbolic AI, probabilistic modeling, Reinforcement Learning, Control, and Optimization. 

Bosch offers application fields for deep learning systems. Bosch’s most significant AIoT applications include smart cameras, healthcare, robotics, automated driving, and driving assistants. 

Happiest minds 

Happiest Minds was founded on 30 March 2011, with its headquarters in India. The organization integrates augmented intelligence with natural language processing, video analytics, image analytics, and upcoming technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to help businesses deliver enhanced customer experience and stay competitive. 

Happiest mind offers solutions such as Digital Query Assistant, Video Analytics, and a Health Bot. The prominent relative offering includes Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data warehouse, and Big Data Engineering.

Data Robot

Data Robot was founded in 2012, with its headquarters in the United States. Data Robot gives you the full potential of human and machine intelligence. Customers have refined experience with augmented intelligence. 

Data Robot offers the AI cloud platform delivering Augmented Intelligence, machine learning, MLOPs, Decision intelligence, Algorithmia, and Trusted AI. Data Robots use machine learning to build predictive models and integrate AI into applications. 

Banking, Fintech companies, Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing, Retail, Telecom, and Robotic process automation are the major fields to experience the AI advantage of Data Robot. solves business problems quickly through H2O AI Cloud services. enhances efficiency, minimizes cost, and helps stay competent amongst the challenges. Cash optimizations, Cyber-threat detection, and Accounting and Auditing are the latest use cases from 

Cash optimization helps create an intelligent cash management system based on cash demand prediction. Cyber threat detection helps security teams minimize risks and enhance security effectively by automating threat detection. The accounting and auditing feature enhances the auditing from quarterly to real-time to drive accuracy and quality and helps find fraud immediately. 

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is the AI built for smart business. The IBM Cloud Paks helps administrators, developers, and data managers an environment to develop cloud-native applications, refine existing applications and extend the AI applications into businesses across multiple clouds consistently.

IBM Watson offers prominent solutions, including Risk and compliance, advertising, financial operations, healthcare, customer service, video streaming and hosting, and IT operations.

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